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Starting Out – 30s & 40s.

Starting Out - 30s & 40s

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Starting Out – 30s & 40s

Creating Wealth
Typical issues at this stage of lif

Everyone’s different, of course, but here are the things our clients often confront in their thirties and forties that have a significant impact on their finances:

  • Getting married and starting a family
  • Taking time out for holidays
  • Starting your own business
  • Paying off the mortgage
  • Income increasing, but so are expenses
  • Suffering a serious illness or injury
  • Divorce
  • Being made redundant


Our thirties and forties are hectic and stimulating, but very demanding – on our time, our emotions, our health and our finances. Responsibilities are mounting. There seems to be precious little time for ourselves and precious little money left over for anything other than the necessities. It’s a time when we start to realise that we’re not immortal. Health issues start to emerge just when we need to be stronger and fitter than ever, because so many people are counting on us now.

It’s also a time when we start to feel restricted by all these pressures and responsibilities.

At this stage of life, managing your finances is more critical than ever, but where do you find the time? You can see the need to get ahead and start creating wealth through super and investing but where do you find the money? This is where we can help.

What can we do to help?
We can help you reduce your expenses

  • Tax reduction
  • Budgeting
  • Debt and cash flow management


We can help you increase your income and assets

  • Wealth creation strategies
  • Investment strategies
  • Superannuation strategies
  • Salary packaging and remuneration


We can help you protect your lifestyle

  • Ensuring you have the right kind of life insurance
  • Ensuring you have enough cover
  • Reviewing your lifestyle protection to match your changing needs


In addition, we can save you time by doing the head-work and the leg-work. By reviewing your financial plan regularly we can ensure that if your situation changes your plan changes with it.

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