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Small & Medium Business owners.

Small & Medium Business owners

Project Description

Small & Medium Business owners

Business owners are a special case. You have a unique set of responsibilities and financial risk factors. You also have a unique set of opportunities. We have the experience and the expertise to help you manage risk and maximise opportunities, in several ways :

  • By working closely with your accountant to formulate and deploy the most efficient structures and processes to generate personal wealth from your business.
  • By helping you manage your business assets to maximise their benefit to you personally.
  • By formulating business protection strategies and helping you implement them. Businesses are exposed to threats on many fronts – equity, debt, cash flow and key person dependencies for example. These risks can all be successfully managed.
  • By helping you with more efficient management strategies concerning – corporate super, super administration and group life insurance.
  • Succession planning. Whether you plan to sell your business when you retire or build a family business your kids will take over, a well formulated succession plan is essential. It’s a complex area and can be fraught with pitfalls. We have the expertise to help you navigate your way to a successful result.
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